Driver CPC – Course 2

Safe on Site & Fitness and Health

JAUPT Approved CPC Driver Training Course CRS2696/259

Safety on Site and the Public Highway - Duration 3.5 hours

This module examines safe working practices on site and can be adapted to take into consideration local and site conditions.

Topics covered in clude, understanding local rules, assessing the risk, assessing access and exit routes and considering other road users. The banksman session covers personal safety,protective clothing, the role of the reversing assistant, standard signals, best practice when reversing, reversing aids - cameras, mirrors, alarms and working on the public highway.

Personal Safety & Wellbeing - Duration 3.5 hours

This module examines the drivers' personal health and fitness and the law and how a driver can in-fluence and enhance their own well being and safety. Topics covered include medical standards for vocational licences including vision, diabetes, psychiatric illness, cardiac health and reporting changes in health to the licensing authorities.

Personal health topics include, diet and fitness, fatigue, the use of drugs including prescription, over the counter and recreational, alcohol and smoking.

Both modules will include a multiple choice knowledge check quiz at the conclusion.

Drivers receive a Certificate of Attendance after the course.