Driver CPC - Course 3

Safe Loading & Fuel Efficiency

JAUPT Approved CPC Driver Training Course CRS2815/259

Safe Loading Course Duration 3.5 hours

This module introduces drivers to the legal requirements of and responsibilities for safe loading of vehicles and looks at the role of enforcement agencies including the Police and VOSA and local au-thorities. Loading limits are explained and include where to get information e.g. plating, vehicle guides, company policy and tyre rating. Loading is discussed in the context of vehicle handling and fuel efficiency.

Topics include loading techniques, use of equipment, basic manual handling, securing loads, fuel weight and weight distribution, use of trailers, roof mounting trailers and vehicle handling.


Fuel Efficiency Course Duration 3.5 hours

This module examines the need for fuel efficiency in terms of the global economy and the company operating costs. It looks at the savings that can be achieved and examines the contributions made by vehicle design, maintenance and the choice of materials including tyres, fuel and lubricants.

Defensive Driving techniques that can be employed to improve both safety and economy are dis-cussed along with a range of fuel saving tips that contribute to reduced fuel usage.

Both modules will include a multiple choice knowledge check test at the conclusion.

Drivers receive a Certificate of Attendance after the course.