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Driver CPC

Organising your programme

Attendance figures from the DVSA show that 664,000 drivers completed their 35 hours of training by the deadline. It was estimated that around 10,000 drivers failed to complete their training in time and as a result were unable to legally drive for a living. Booking courses in advance and in a regular pattern will help avoid a last minute rush and also provide capacity for the training of drivers who have recently qualified and are on a different five year programme to those drivers with acquired rights.

Driver CPC training from Defensive Driver Training


Selecting the right courses for YOUR business
Most of the courses listed below are available in 3.5 hour modules and are individually approved by JAUPT. Click on any course for more detailed information.

You can combine two modules of your choice which are relevant to your operations to make up a seven hour course for example, Module 1 - Defensive Driving with Module 5 - Reversing & Manoeuvring.


Course location

Courses can be run on your premises anywhere in the UK if you are able to provide a suitable training room.  We will check the room prior to the course to ensure that it meets basic JAUPT requirements. We can provide all audio visual equipment.

We suggest that you provide refreshments during the day.


Course Scheduling & the 35 hours requirement

The 35 hours can be phased over this period to suit you e.g. 7 hours per year for five years, or 14 hours in each of two years and 7 hours in one year, or any combination so long at the 35 hours is completed before the deadline date for PCV or LGV drivers.

Any drivers who gained their first Driver Qualification Card by completing 35 hours of Periodic Training based on acquired " Grandfather" rights before the first deadlines, have until September 2018 - bus and coach drivers, or September 2019 - LGV drivers, to complete another 35 hours of refresher training.  There may be exceptions to this.  Please check the expiry date on the Driver Qualification Card to confirm. 

Any drivers who gained their DQC by passing the four part vocational test, or modules 2 and 4 of the new test, will have their own five year period in which to complete 35 hours of training. This is shown by the expiry date on their card.

Course Timings, Weekend Training & Course Size

Most course run between 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. but you may wish to start earlier particularly at weekends. A full seven hour session must be completed in one day. Or the seven hours can be completed over two days providing that the second 3.5 hour session starts within 24 hours of the end of the first 3.5 hour session.

We can run courses during the normal working week or on Saturdays or Sundays for no extra charge.

We are registered with JAUPT to deliver courses for up to 15 delegates on one course.


Attendance & DSA Registration

Drivers must attend the full seven hours of training to qualify for having their seven hours attendance uploaded to the DVSA register. Drivers failing to attend the full seven hours will not have their details registered with the DSA so even their partial attendance will not count. Late arrivals or early leavers will not be registered as having attended.

Attendance registered with the DVSA remains valid for five years. Providing 35 hours is registered before the expiry date of the drivers currently DQC, the DSA will issue a new Driver Qualification Card (DQC) valid for another five years, which is sent to the driver's home address.

We are registered with JAUPT to deliver courses for up to 15 delegates on one course. 


Driver licences

Please note that on the day of the course we will need proof of ID for every delegate. This can be a photo card licence, or a Digital Tachograph Card, or a current Driver Qualification Card or a current passport. If the photo on the photo card licence is out of date we will need to see a current passport.  No other forms of ID are acceptable. If we don't either of these on the day we will not be able to upload the 7 hours accreditation onto the DSA database.

Course fees

The fee for a seven hour course made up of two 3.5 hour modules, held on your premises, is £400 plus VAT per day for up to 15 drivers per course.

DSA Upload fees are recharged at cost which is currently £8.75 per delegate per seven hour course (VAT exempt).

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