Driver CPC - Course 1

Defensive Driving & Managing Risk

JAUPT Approved CPC Driver Training Course CRS0843/259  


Defensive Driver Training Theory Module - Duration 3.5 Hours

This session looks at the risks to which each driver is exposed on a daily basis and discusses group experience to identify aspects of driving that they like or dislike.

It examines factors that contribute to collisions both on and off road, highlighting the central role of human behaviour and will introduces the concept of Defensive Driving, exploring the benefits of driving in a way to anticipate and compensate for approaching hazards. The system of vehicle con-trol is outlined and delegates will have the opportunity to apply it in worked examples.


Managing Risk Module - Duration 3.5 hours

In this session drivers explore the importance of risk management to ensure the safety of them-selves, their colleagues and other road users. It outlines their responsibilities under the Health & Safety at Work regulations and looks at steps they can take to stay safe and stresses the importance of following safe systems of work adopted by their employer.

Delegates work in small groups to analyse typical scenarios and to identify steps that could have been taken to prevent the incident from happening.

From time to time drivers will come across emergency situations and the group will discuss how to deal with them and will view a video of the actions to be taken at the scene of a collision.

At the end of the session there will be a short quiz of driver knowledge.

Both modules must be delivered on one day or in a 24 hour period to qualify for 7 hours CPC Peri-odic Training attendance. Each delegate recieves a Certificate of Attendance