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About us

Defensive Driver Training Limited has over 26 years of experience delivering advanced and defensive driving courses to all sectors of UK Industry. Since the introduction of Driver CPC in September 2008, more than 20,000 drivers have attended our JAUPT Approved courses which we run throughout the UK.

Driver CPC training from Defensive Driver Training


Selecting the right courses for YOUR business
Most of the courses listed below are available in 3.5 hour modules and are individually approved by JAUPT. Click on any course for more detailed information.

You can combine two modules of your choice which are relevant to your operations to make up a seven hour course for example, Module 1 - Defensive Driving with Module 5 - Reversing & Manoeuvring.


Our training staff

Driver CPC courses are delivered by training professionals who have the relevant knowledge and experience of driving PCV or LGVs.   Driver CPC courses are designed to be interactive and interesting for the delegates and relevant to their daily role.  Most of our approved courses have been developed in conjunction with our driver CPC clients. The content reflects their operation and addresses their identified training needs.  We aim to deliver a driver CPC course that benefits both the driver and the employer,  and achieves far more than just a tick in an attendance box.


Driver CPC tailored course programmes

If you don’t see a Driver CPC course programme that precisely meets your needs,  we will be pleased to work with you to develop a course that can be submitted to the JAUPT for approval. Please call us for further information on this service.


Driver CPC training deadline – check your Driver Qualification Cards expiry date.

Do not make the mistake of assuming all of your drivers have until 2018 or 2019 to complete another 35 hours of approved training. You may well now have staff who gained their Driver Qualification Card by taking the new four part bus or LGV test after 2008. These drivers each have five years from the date they passed the test to complete 35 hours of periodic training. They therefore have their own individual five year deadline day which will be different to those drivers with acquired rights. For example, a driver who passed the four part test in October 2010, has until October 2015 to complete 35 hours of training.

Any drivers who gained their first Driver Qualification Card by completing 35 hours of Periodic Training based on acquired " Grandfather" rights, have until September 2018 - bus and coach drivers, or September 2019 - LGV drivers, to complete another 35 hours of refresher training. Drivers not having a valid DQC can be fined £1000 if they continue to drive on company business.

If you require more information please call us on 01384 442233 or alternatively, CLICK HERE to complete our enquiry form and we'll contact you.

Plan your course now

You can book your Driver CPC training programme with us well in advance. 

In exchange for a course reservation fee, we offer a long term booking facility that guarantees your training course dates up to the 2018 & 2019 deadlines at current prices.

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