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What is the driver CPC?

The Driver CPC (Certificate of Professional Competence) is for drivers of passenger carrying vehicles (PCV) and drivers of large goods vehicles (LGV) who drive professionally throughout the UK and the rest of Europe. It is a legal requirement that involves all professional drivers undertaking 35 hours of Periodic Training every 5 years. Qualification is by attendance so
there are no tests or exams to take at the end of the course.

Driver CPC training from Defensive Driver Training


Selecting the right courses for YOUR business
Most of the courses listed below are available in 3.5 hour modules and are individually approved by JAUPT. Click on any course for more detailed information.

You can combine two modules of your choice which are relevant to your operations to make up a seven hour course for example, Module 1 - Defensive Driving with Module 5 - Reversing & Manoeuvring.


Why use DDT?

As an employer or driver you can’t choose whether to train or not.  But you can choose a training company that offers cost effective training packages that are designed to improve the professionalism of drivers and give a  return on investment by reducing operating costs.


Our services

• JAUPT Accredited Driver CPC Training Centre
• Cost effective driver CPC training tailored to your needs
• Training on your premises anywhere in the UK
• Industry experienced JAUPT accredited trainers

Aim of the driver CPC

The main aim behind the Driver CPC is to improve road safety; provide better qualified drivers who are up to date current legislation and to help reduce road casualties.

The Driver CPC should also result in improved productivity for employers as a result of more professional drivers.

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Course programmes

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All of our Trainers are approved by JAUPT and have the required experience and qualifications that allows them to talk to your drivers from a position of mutual respect.  They aim to make the course interesting, enjoyable and educational for your staff. Above all they are all good communicators who can pitch the level of training to suit the abilities and experience of individual drivers.